“Dare to be naive.”
Buckminster Fuller

T.M.I. blog from May 2008.

There’s too much of the haterade out there, and that’s what makes Buckminster Fuller’s worldview so relevant. Pondering the question,”Does humanity have a chance to survive lastingly and successfully on planet Earth, and if so, how?” he went on a lifelong creative quest.

Having been to the brink of suicide he went on a mission to improve the world at all levels, from architecture to the smaller things in life. The geodesic dome was a breakthrough as both a structure and on a smaller scale – the pentagonal and hexagonal mix that was the official FIFA match ball from 1970-2006, the Dymaxion car was less successful. Regardless, there’s a perseverance and eccentricity at work, and a teflon approach to criticism and sceptical attitudes as well as a lot of original thinking, where far too many would be creatively tethered.

Living a life as his own guinea pig, Bucky used more self-made words and terms than Don King – words like ‘killingry’ and ‘livingry’. He also claimed to have created ‘debunk’.

Brilliantly, he named his journal the ‘Dymaxion Chronofile’ – after his death it’s a near impenetrable chronicle of a life that clocks in at 200,000 plus pages. This New Yorker piece is an excellent read that proves oddly inspirational if you’re weary of the usual world-weary mumblings about a dearth of fresh ideas and a ‘no idea’s original’ self-defeating approach to any subject matter.

In January 1975 Buckminster’s legendary ‘Everything I Know’ lectures lasted 42 hours in total. Epic.

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