And I’m still recycling my Black  Lodges blogs…

Lately I’ve been pondering as to why Emilio Estevez was the major studio’s punk rocker of choice back in the early ’80s. On face value, he fits the mould as a varsity jacketed jock or rough-edged clown (as demonstrated in his Mickey Mouse tee-wearing, ‘Two-Bit’ Matthews turn in ‘The Outsiders’) than he does as a punk rocker.

But it’s peculiar that the son of Sheen is the lead in two of the only times I’ve heard Black Flag on a commercial…okay, maybe not ‘commercial’, but at least on the shelves of my local video store, in 1984’s ‘Repo Man’ (with added Circle Jerks) and one year prior to that, the cultier-than-cult ‘Bishop Of Battle’ (I recommend watching the whole story with a T.H.C. accompaniment) segment from 1983’s ‘Nightmares’ (appropriately enough, with added Fear – John Belushi’s favourites, and lead singer Lee Ving actually makes an appearance in an earlier segment of the film) – was he he an exec’s definition of punk?

Additionally, it’s a shame that Emilio and Alex have had some static lately over Alex’s comments in this feature.

Taken from a great ‘Bishop Of Battle’ post on www.imockery.com.

But conversely, by his lack of conventional punk stereotype appearance, sans the mohawk or safety pins and little more than a ‘fuck you’ attitude, maybe that does make him punk rock…

Anyway, enough freeform caffeine babble – given the brief, insubstantial nature of this blog post, there’s always time to re-up this pictorial haircut retrospective of Greg and the gang from last year.

And a ‘Decline Of Western Civilization’ clip with Dez at the helm…

And after mentioning Fear, it would be churlish not to link to the Saturday Night Live footage, and embed John Joseph’s memories of the infamous performance…

Finally, this Selvedge Yard post on the whole aesthetic of ‘The Outsiders’ is superb. Best. Film. Ever.

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