Please shut the fuck up about 1993. I just went through some TDK C90 tape compilations I made 17 years ago. Everyone claims that rap’s downfall is the preoccupation with material objects. Try telling that to Busy Bee in ‘Wild Style’. You’re the problem. Not Soulja Boy, not Kanye West—you.  Boom-bap pensioners keep trying to tell me that rap pretty much rolled over and ceased to be in 1995. It was—according to the paunchy souls in faded tracksuits—better, because it had drums, samples and other such things, and rappers would say things like, “banging more heads than Metallica“. The truth is, that from 1991 onwards, style biting was rife. If you gave up at the turn of the decade, I’m not mad at you.

But that hallowed year that is 1993 sounds a bit murky, Ah yes, that golden year of letdowns like Hoodratz’s ‘Sneeke Muthafukaz’, Das EFX’s ‘Straight Up Sewaside’ and Red Fox’s ‘As a Matter of Fox’…wow. Happy days. Admittedly there were plenty of classics that year (‘…36 Chambers’ being a standout —’Enta Da Stage’ hasn’t aged as well) but there were also more Pete Rock and DJ Muggs imitations, more cash-in blunt talk, grimee bald bullshit and a whole lot of nonsense. Atlantic and Universal are unlikely to take punts on people chatting about “stunts” and “the bozack” nowadays—is that a bad thing? Assuming that an album’s tracklist should still put a ‘Z’ on skills, require distortive bass and wacky one-liners is naïve. Like I said, pre-’91, I appreciate the preoccupation, but hip-hop never died off. At all. Please don’t fire a list of albums of the era my way to prove me wrong either—I don’t care.

Revisionist 1992 history will tell you that Roughhouse Survivors, Zhigge and School of Hard Knocks albums are classics. This is incorrect—they only had decent singles. The same altered history pushes some mediocre LPs from 1993 to similar status. For instance,  Da Youngsta’s ‘The Aftermath’ was far superior than Mobb Deep’s ‘Juvenile Hell’ yet it frequently gets overlooked. The majority of left coast releases that year have aged better—Spice 1’s ‘187 He Wrote’, Snoop’s ‘Doggystyle’ and Too Short’s ‘Get In Where You Fit In’ really stand out. But going back through the tapes, the majority just has the same bitten basslines, semi-speedy flows and some jazz horns. Again and again and again.

Admittedly, I miss the days of memorising tape shout-outs but I appreciate that they were just a moment-in-time. Your favourite rappers were being jerked back in ’93 too. I know Kool G Rap was. MySpace solved nearly every milk carton missing rapper case a few years back, but honestly, I don’t feel too many artists who had potential for longevity fell through the gaps Anvil-style. Some passed away, some were incarcerated, but many just fell the fuck off, or rode a gimmick that swiftly derailed. Listen to those unreleased full albums (K.M.D. is a near-isolated example)—much of it was shelved for a reason. My buddies at Diggers With Gratitude have the truffle-pig nose for finding gems, but much that costs plenty of yen on limited edition vinyl that unlocks the vaults doesn’t justify the outlay.

Stop the talk of everything being about guns and clothes. You sound like your own mothers. Lyrically, the very best acts are still out there doing what they do best. The fact of the matter my friends, is that you ceased to dig for gems (made all the easier thanks to the internet). Your chosen sounds are very much alive. Your defeatist, regressive approach kept your favourite artists poor. If rap fans were as loyal as metal fans, the Beatnuts and Mash Out Posse would have Slayer and Iron Maiden style followings, buying each release and filling every gig. But they’re not. They either move on or walk away and pretend the ’00s never happened and that’s a tragedy. If you expect a grimier more uncompromising sound to still be on a major label’s radar, then you’re dumb, but it’s out there elsewhere.

In fact, material’s been out there all along on smaller labels, or self-pressed—harder to find, but If you gave as much of a shit as the effort of the screwface you administer to any contemporary rap, you would’ve made the effort. Chances are that indie street album would’ve put more coffers in your favourite rapper’s pocket than if it had been on RAL. You whiners were given an album from Roc Marciano that’s a classic, but chances are you bigged it up yet right-click-saved it. You’re your own worst enemies. How is it that Killa Sha probably passed without mad money in the bank? Because you spent more time moaning than investigating. At least Rick Ross put Kool G on, Jay’s working with Pete Rock, Just Blaze was shouting out Spoonie Gee on Twitter, Malice from Clipse paid tribute to ‘Love’s Gonna Get’cha’ and Kanye’s working with the godfather, Gil Scott-Heron—because you bleating nostalgia fetishists aren’t helping anyone out.

Me? I got the same goosebumps raised when I first saw Redman’s ‘Time 4 Sum Aksion’ video when I saw the Waka Flocka Flame’ video above. Odd, possibly misunderstood interpretations of Coen Brother flicks? Eyes on bullets? A dancing diamond-encrusted Fozzie Bear? It’s one of the best matches of sound and visuals in years. After all, everyone knows that the four elements of hip-hop are face tattoos, Worldstar Hip Hop, robbing Yung Berg and Tweet-beef. As long as hip-hop baffles, infuriates, alienates and befuddles an older generation, it’s in safe hands. Now you can go off and sulk to the medicore sounds of Rumpletilskinz’ ‘What Is a Rumpletilskinz?’ on your battered Walkman.

6 thoughts on “SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT 1993”

  1. stands up, kicks away the chair…and applauds wildly.
    i been saying it for years, hip hop never fell’s just the fans did, falling into that ol, “if it wasn’t in my golden era, it ain’t happening” kinda mindstate.rap ain’t changed, the parameters have, though…it was never about the four elements, that’s henry chalfont’s invention.
    b.t.w 36 chambers was wack.yeah, i said it.

  2. If your point is that the nostalgists blind themselves to good music that is being produced today then I wholeheartedly agree.

    If your point is that the best now compare favourably to the best then, I cannot say concur except to say that it is in part a generational thing.

    Some, maybe lots of the stuff then was BS too: Afros, Heavy D, Onyx, LOTU, (and maybe LONS?) and many more but because it was shit then or in retrospect cannot be made to support an argument that Wacka, Gucci, Plies, TI or Jeezy make good music! it is merely as shit as the shit music of a bygone decade.

    Btw: imo EDS stands up well listening to it now on Spotify, 36 chambers would not make my top 10 (If I had one) but many of the albums/artists that it birthed from Shallah, Starks, GZA, Meth would be.

    1. PS. I thought Kimbo Price left Duck Down. But yeah BR and DD. certainly his post incarceration efforts have been a lot more successful than another ex-bad boy label mate.

    2. I’m pushing towards the first point – people are a little blinded, and there’s long been more garbage than good out there. I think Jeezy makes music that compares to my happy days of Rap-A-Lot in quality, but the others are a more frivolous vice of mine. I still enjoy plenty of music (Clipse, Kanye and Rick Ross spring to mind) with the same gusto that I did with my favourite music of years past, but the slow drip of leaked MP3s tarnishes LPs a little. Got to say, I love 36 Chambers…I think it stands up well…

  3. Well put and written. I just stumbled across your blog a month ago and boy some great stuff on ere’. A lot of my friends still blast all that old shit that/ blah blah blah…Master ace….Blah blah blah, The King and I…Blah, Blah, KMD…I always call boring on all that shit. No young girls wannna come back to an apartment were a bunch of 30 sumthing’s who are trying to out youtube each other with 90’s rap videos….I’m sure a few of you might have been caught up in this seen before…….The girls leave quick and your left sitting next to your buddy blabbering on how he wished Zev Love X never died in a car accident. Then your going why the fuck am I still here???..Oh ya I went half on a bag of coke:)

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