I can’t believe I fucked up and made a half-arsed blog post. My excuse is that I landed in Los Angeles and the time difference murdered my imagination, rendering the world slo-mo sizzurp speed and I need to get some sleep. Because Nike are launching the Nike Mag (aka the McFly) tomorrow  — I’m guessing this because Nike flew me to LA, Tinker Hatfield is hosting an event tomorrow, the iPod Shuffle in my hotel room had a message from Christopher Lloyd in Doc Brown character on it alongside some metal replica “sunglasses” and there’s a ‘Back to the Future’ box set on the table. Just call me Columbo. But as a fiend for shoes and sub-cultural totems, it’s a significant moment that I’ve been waiting on since late 1989.

Strange that this TED-talk from Tinker Hatfield was never hyped. The censored Mags on his feet were a sign that something was in the pipeline…

But I still need to give this site a mid-week update, so in lieu of anything interesting and fresh, and in tribute to the reissue of a non-sporting Nike landmark, it’s worth recycling old material and taking a look at Nike’s non-sporting 1970s/early 1980s SMU forays into the entertainment industry. Two Elton Johns, Devo, Rod Stewart, Frank Zappa, Chris Hall’s Jefferson Starships from eBay a few months back and thanks to Sneakerqueen‘s site and here, the Bob Marley ‘Rasta Man’ editions too. Sorry, I need zzzzzzs, so that’s all folks.

While we’re focused on futuristic matters, I like this Piff Gang video too:


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