2 thoughts on “SUPREMACY”

  1. Never really was introduced to Supreme on any level before now. My only purchase was a beanie last Fall. I’m a picky guy and choosing the right beanie isn’t easy. I didn’t take it off (ok except to sleep and shower, and during sex) and something that would be insignificant to others really made my winter season more than any other single piece. What a crazy world we live in huh? Big Ghost, man I would have loved to have been there! What a sight and much respect for bringing the dudes on stage and giving them a chance to rock it. They did good, they gotta be happy. Have the smiles worn off yet? It’s been a week now and I bet not. That Champion crew is dope. And I do know the meaning of dope, not looking for a suit and tie rapper that’s cleaner than a bar of soap. Nice post G, love it. *R.I.P. Old Dirty.

    1. Thank you sir…I find beanies to be a tricky thing to buy. Worn right, they’re awesome…worn wrong, they look a bit ‘Crimewatch’ – I think Supreme does a good job with the basics.

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