Because I’m currently helping to design colouring in some stuff for a project, I found myself looking for inspiration and ended up back at Patagonia. Again. The brand that helped pioneer the protective concept of a layering system, the insulated sweater and the Synchilla fleece (one of the greatest names for a technology ever) had some of the best colours ever — even the lurid shorts (popularised on the watery rather than snowy side of things) are visually appealing. The brand Yvon Chouinard built is still doing interesting things — Yvon’s on-site blacksmith setup is still the source of new ideas and the recent launch of the Patagonia Provisions line, with their own salmon jerky, and soon, a Patagonia Provisions fruit and nut bar. Talking outerwear when the UK has been slow-grilled by some of the warmest weather in the lion’s share of a decade seems inappropriate, but I guarantee when it gets cold, it’s going to get cold, so thoughts of layers aren’t especially blasphemous right now.






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