Not much time to source anything particularly interesting today, but I recommend spending your time with this phenomenal two-hour Combat Jack Show episode with Whoo Kid that’s strewn with some incredible anecdotes and a Michael Jackson story that will make your day. You should also take a few minutes to marvel at the new Stitches video to try to comprehend just how nihilistic that face ink seems to be and watch this Arc’teryx video that breaks down the new LEAF Alpha Jacket — having visited the Arc’teryx factory a couple of years ago, I can testify that their Canadian-made outerwear is something very, very special.

I got quoted as a “sneaker writer” on this Nike Natural Motion microsite. I’m not sure what a “sneaker writer” is, but it sounds like a doomed role. Tragically, I’m languishing at the bottom of the list from the good people at Campless (who put in some excellent work). I like shoes (as you can tell by the recurring role they play right here), but #getting #wild #with #the #hashtags #at #my #age #is #unbecoming and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t adverse to shoe-related art, clothing, key rings…almost everything trying to cash in on a po-faced, cynical non-culture that isn’t a pair of shoes. There’s oneupmanship and there’s turning things into a super serious sportswear version of an afternoon at Games Workshop. But as long as ‘sneaker writing’ pays, I’m down to reap the benefits and I’ll always have a shoe problem, no matter how much I try to keep it under control.

Because it was looking a bit dull, I just scattered this entry with some old Patagonia ads from the days when their pile fleeces were still a object, the logo was bigger and their shell system debuted. That plastic pile design’s quick drying, lighter than wool benefits helped change everything when it debuted in 1977. Fuck your norm-core: it might be dad wear, but it was forward-thinking, state-of-the-art dad wear.




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