I sometimes do interviews, despite not knowing why anyone would interview me (it’s meant to be the other way around) and my respect for Silas and the Soulland squad is colossal that when he dropped me a mail about a Q&A, I couldn’t turn them down. So here’s a link to one of my favourite clothing brands out there interrogating me on the subject of shoes, collaborations and related stuff on their very beautiful website. Because of my camera-shy ways, the ultra talented Sine Jensen drew me hiding behind an iPhone and a spaniel, which might be my favourite thing of 2014 thus far. Shouts to Nikolaj Hansson. That intro makes me seem a lot more important than I actually am (though they’re right about me considering myself a fanboy) — I never co-founded CT, contrary to internet rumour. I just worked for them. If I didn’t deny that it would undermine the work of Russ/Steve/the two Christophers and the rest of those OGs. Trust me, if I was the co-founder, it would be looking a lot healthier right now, but I’m just a drone. Shouts to all at Soulland — Danish don-dadas who constantly inspire me with absolutely everything they do.

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