It took me a while to finally tune in, but I’ve been enjoying KNOW-WAVE’s transmissions with increasing regularity over the last year and their new site makes navigating their world a little easier. Aaron Bondaroff gets things done when it comes to creating outlets for movements and the addition of a KNOW-WAVE UK transmitting from the Gimme 5 offices makes it extra relevant — some shows are pleasantly shambolic and discussion led (it definitely doesn’t step on the toes of the excellent NTS when it comes to soundtracking my work day), meaning there’s some defiantly British output during the afternoon here. Dependant on the day and time you tune in, you can hear Downtown gossip, rockabilly favourites, some dusty dub rarity, mumbled skate chatter, conversations between legends, Young Thug, obscure house re-edits from personal collections or just a friend of a friend playing whatever iTunes holds. There’s a lot of head scratching regarding ways of engaging communities and where things are meant to go, but there ain’t nothing to it but to do it. Now they’ve put out a magazine to bring a sense of permanence and edit to that mass of one-and-a-bit hour world views. Published by OHWOW, issue 01 provides new material and art, plus an interview transcription for some of the best guest spots so far — Piper Marshall with Julian Schnabel back in April, a colossal conversation between Jason Jules and Jazzie B as part of Michael Kopelman’s output from June and Kembra Pfahler with Lydia Lunch in July. Even if you’ve heard it all before, there’s plenty of extra bits too.




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