Blog post from March 2009.

The dumbing-down of mod and modernist styles to sledgehammer out the original refined mindset into little more than Vespas, Weller and Fred Perry is a disgrace. To skim over the surface defeats the intent of the ‘movement’, with its ultimate attention-to-detail – a perplexing mass of US, Italian and British elements, side or back vent suit decisions, specific hem measurements, and oddball evolution from coffee sipping, Marcello Mastroianni-admiring, Grant Green LP buying and Camus-browsing, to amphetamines and the ultimate embrace of handpicked musical and narcotic elements of Soho’s gay scene. A cliquey evasive, slippery assemblage, dodging pigeonholes, and subtly rebuilding whenever anyone thought they’d cottoned on.

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Blog post from March 2009.

I’m a John Carpenter fanatic – while I can offer no explanation for how appalling ‘Ghosts Of Mars’ or ‘Escape From LA’ turned out to be, like some slithering special effect, his widely-derided ‘Masters Of Horror’ ‘Pro-Life’ episode, hated by me on viewing, seems to have gestated in my brain, leaving me curious as to whether it wasn’t that bad. Still, I doubt I’ll revisit. His entire 80’s output however, is genre filmmaking as an artform. Recurring names like Dean Cundy on cinematography and John’s hugely-successful DIY synth approach to scoring were part of the enjoyment, but his use of a trademark font adds a true signature to his productions.



Blog post from March 2009.

Remember that weak rumour about ‘Son Of Scarface’ with Cuban Link as Tony’s son? That could have been worse than the ‘Carlito’s Way’ prequel with Diddy. And De Palma’s remake opus was state-of-the-art trash anyway, great as it is. But a sequel to ‘Raging Bull’ is, according to IMDB, in production. What’s up with that? Apparently It’ll be a “…unique combination prequel and sequel that explores “before the rage” and “after the rage” of world middleweight boxing champ Jake LaMotta’s tumultuous life and times.

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Blog post from March 2009.

Hip-hop and sports footwear are practically related. I’m not enough of a tracksuited, beatboxing, uprocking doofus to proclaim them the ‘fifth element’ of the culture because, well, that’s irritating bollocks, but they’re pretty incestuously linked across-the-board. As a result, I gave into a to a Ghostface ‘Beat The Clock’ style self-challenge to out-nerd anything I’ve blogged so far.



Blog post from March 2009.

Quick blog entry because alas, time is at a premium. We just got interviewed by some guys from The Source – unlike Mrs Wallace, my mum probably won’t smile excessively should my mug pop up in the magazine. With that opening in mind, it’s worth casting our minds back to ‘94 when we were waiting on ‘Ready To Die’ to drop – what I’ve been pondering is, was a UK fanzine the first publication to give Biggie a cover?

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Blog post from March 2009.

In terms of MIA status, Salinger has nothing on Sutherland. Terry Sutherland had around 7 minutes of screentime in ‘DOA’, Lech Kowalski‘s investigation of the burn-out of punk’s first phase. With his group seemingly picking up instruments and following the xeroxed advice of Sideburn fanzine’s “This is a chord, this is another, this is a third, now form a band” (as opposed to the current climate’s, this is a Chambray shirt, this is Ventile, this is a copy of ‘Free & Easy’ – now start a brand) mantra, they made a certain DIY impact, despite sounding like shit.

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More February 2009 bloggage.

Maintaining, as I’m prone to, the fixation with organised crime, imagining that somehow being ‘connected’ would lead to all manner of retribution for even the smallest wrong, despite the probable end result being me menaced and extorted by a bunch of sociopaths, the Irish-American mob has long been a source of fascination.

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Old blog post from February 2008.

The current t-shirt hookup between Boy’s Own and Berlin’s Firmament, using Dave Little‘s iconic fanzine and flyer art is another quintessentially European use of dance music and streetwear that separates us from our international brethren when it comes to our varied musical obsessions. Harvey’s Gimme5 affiliations, a Stussy endorsed 2006 Sub Club session that carried Michael Kopelman and Gerry Rooney on the same bill and Slam Jam’s lowkey involvement with releases like the Baia Degli Angeli compilation are just recent examples that make up the tip of an iceberg.

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Blog post from February 2009.

DVDs are pretty faceless. You can pick up a trio for 20 pounds or buy an individual one for the price of a pint come saletime to leave in cellophane for a couple of years. Whereas CDs succeeded vinyl, a format to get nostalgic about, to extoll its tactile nature, I don’t yearn for VHS, huge laserdiscs or 8mm reels. The cinema experience is nice, but limited distribution, especially as key companies are going through some major corporate changes (think New Line sacking Robert Shaye and Lion’s Gate kicking its genre oddities to the curb ), seems to be sending the more interesting features down the straight-to-DVD route.

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