Blog post from February 2009.

Most of the time my aspirational gaze is set on the big screen rather than the small one when it comes to outfits I’d kill for, but over theyears I’ve wished I could rock a handful of styles – Hawkeye’s side-parting, dog tag and army jacket player status (I carried a childhood preoccupation with ‘M*A*S*H’ after discovering I was named after the actor that played the sensitive Cpl. Walter Eugene ‘Radar’ O’Reilly, Gary Burghoff – my dad joked that he also considered the show’s occasional writer Thad Mumford as a possible inspiration too, but I think this is a lie) and ‘Howard’s Way’ ladies’ man Ken Masters who rocked a pastel and Sperry look that screamed baller status.

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February 2009 blog-moan. FACT magazine went online only about a month ago. Dark days, even for freebie press.

A self-confessed yankophile, I’m not qualified to blog. I pay more attention to what’s going on in the US than I do outside the window. It’s a nasty habit. The UK has done great things to advance the cultures we celebrate (I’m loathed to use the term ’street culture’ but I guess it’s a neat enough summary) that an off-the-dome listing wouldn’t do justice.

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Blog post from February 2009.

Without dwelling too much on an argument that’s been e-debated to death, I want my kids and my kid’s kids to be as inspired by hip-hop attire as I was. How much importance should we place on apparel and footwear? A lot. Case study- I lost respect for Guru when I clocked him wearing cropped trousers and adi Goodyear shoes at London’s Jazz Cafe a couple of years back. That and Solar’s beats were the nail in a solo coffin. Yeah, I’m shallow, but it finally split the solo artist from the Gang Starr years in my psyche.



Another blog post from February 2009.

“I hope this card finds you all well as if does me.I hope no one has died. Don’t worry about me….”

I love ‘Taxi Driver’. All of it. Martin Scorcese’s psychotic cuckolded husband. Peter Boyle (RIP) talking philosophical mumbo-jumbo. The kung-fu defensive stance at the campaign office. Cheese and apple pie. Kris Kristofferson LPs. The lurid greeting card.



Blog post from February 2009.

Demonstrative of my thought process in action, on pondering ’70’s crime films, in this case, ‘Charlie Varrick’ and ‘The Friends Of Eddie Coyle’ after discovering that ‘…Eddie Coyle’ – which is a first-rate Boston-based heist thriller with some of the best dialogue of all time (based on a great novel too), is set for Criterion’s lovingly restored DVD treatment in a few months. This is down to a hint in their newsletter. It also means I opted to refrain from watching a bootleg today. I can wait. How such a film languishes in cultdom is a whole ‘nother topic of rant.


TEEN FILMS 1979-1981

Old blog entry from February 2009.

Teen films fell off. It isn’t just because I’m getting old. At least I don’t think so. Eccentricities gave way to whimsy, Black Flag on the soundtrack was surpassed by My Chemical Romance to attract the dispossessed. Nearly everything that ever exits a studio is whitewashed crap. Remember when horror flicks got all self-referential and contemporary Shakespeare adaptations were the thing? Dark days. Bullys and Doom Generations were condemned to arthouses. Bad times. Things never did get back on track.

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Blog post from February 2009.

Blogging about subjects pertaining to hip-hop is something I swore to keep to the bare minimum, but talk of Brian Cross’s work on the new Dickies book project ‘Working In LA’ for Powerhouse is as fine a time for a digression on his work. Why avoid rap blogging? Because I have no exclusive to upload, and everyone’s at it – look at your hands, you’re probably linking to OnSmash or ripping a Mob Style rarity without even knowing it.

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Fig. 1 – When workwear goes wrong.

Blog Post from February 2009.

Lord knows what Ben Davis was thinking when they licensed out their heritage to some chancers to create apparel like the crapola above, chasing the ill-timed streetwear dollar just when the tides were completely turning. It was scary when they briefly lost their union-made status – that tee beggars belief.

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