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First things first, this Kickstarter Graffiti Rock 30th anniversary project is something worthy of support. Secondly, I’m tired so my usual verbal diarrhea got constipated by blurry vision and a mild headache. Over the last year I’ve run some pieces on the pre-blog online era of sports footwear, so here’s a couple more artifacts of the era — Computerworld‘s May 1997 review of the big sports brands and their web presences, plus a 1996 syndicated U.S. newspaper piece on vintage shoe sellers and the rise in price on deadstock gems. This is a snapshot of two realms that evolved spectacularly over the last 16 years. adidas had Shockwave games, but Nike’s WAV and GIF files get points here. Nike finishes last on content though — things done changed. Now, in a world where you have to be on point with social media and at least feign some notion of a strategy where you make people #get #involved #with #stuff and tell them how cool stuff is all enthusiastically. Nobody knew what the hell was going on back then, but at least you didn’t have to deal with content managers and digital marketeers back then.