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This blog has kind of fallen off, self-sabotaged by its attempts to not be a sports footwear-centric WordPress, but then dwelling on the subject matter a little too often. But self-indulgent talk often echoes the day job and in that job shoes figure heavily. Right now, the heat and a lengthy flight from the west coast to the UK has killed my creativity stone dead, but I was energised by a trip to Nike’s WHQ for some work. From my early teens onwards the notion of visiting the Nike Campus sounded like some Willy Wonka business, minus the sinister wig outs on boat rides or bi-polar freak outs that Gene Wilder unleashed on Charlie and his benefit fraud grandfather and having been a few times now, it’s a fun place to visit that seems to deify the same kind of nerdery I tend to celebrate here.

Of course, the work and what lies behind doors remains secret, though the Innovation Kitchen, Nike Sports Research Lab and archives are impressive — in fact the archive is basically a geek ground zero that proves, no matter how much you think you’ve swotted up, you’ve only seen the tip of a dusty, yellowed, PU and nylon based iceberg. Having been lost on campus twice (to get from the Michael Jordan building to the canteen involves walking by a 7 minute saunter by a lake, football pitch and over a bridge), been chased by a goose and slashed my nose open on a low hanging metal lampshade in the archives these last few days, I’ve suffered for my art.

Even if you couldn’t care less for shoes, the scale’s still impressive, but if you follow Nike history, there’s plenty to stare at at — even in the receptions of each building. Bill Bowerman’s waffle iron, the 1984 NBA letter regarding Jordan’s fines, prototype Prestos and AJ1s…it’s a lot to take in. Buying Lunar Montreals and NFL shirts by the trolley from the Employee Store was a good use of dollars too, and ultimately — for the casual visitor — the whole setup’s pretty much a sportswear theme park. For several employees, I’m sure it’s simply a place of work that’s frequently disrupted by gawping idiots like me wielding iPhones.

Because I need sleep, I’ve sold you short here, so here’s three bonus images chucked in because they look cool; one of a 1989 plea to get people on NYC’s subway post graffiti cleanup, one from a 1970s ‘New York’ article and a 1982 Timberland ad.

In the name of nostalgia (because it’s mostly either excessively indulgent or unremarkable in the rap stakes), the same person that uploaded the 1998 ‘World Wide Bape Heads Show’ has uploaded the 1999 one too. It takes me back to a time of attempting to justify wild prices, the Mo’ Wax BB, thick cotton on tees and deranged mark-ups on used gear in Camden market. Musically, I think I actually prefer the Omarion-in-the-lookbook era.


Can I offer a tawdry excuse for the brevity of this entry? I’m so jetlagged that the world’s gone into slow motion and the ground beneath me keeps dipping and diving.

After the Rig Out inclusion made me euphoric to see my name in print, volume 6 of the Supreme book had me bugging out too. It’s great to be involved with something you look to with reverence and seeing this contents page nearly sent me sprawling.

Holy shit.

I find my lengthiest output is fueled by hate, but right now I’m chilling in the hipster-done-right surrounds of Portland’s Ace Hotel where Stumptown coffee is next level caffeine delivery and Pendleton make the bedding—it’s tough to unleash even a modicum of vitriol. Between the paper cameos and visiting Nike HQ, a few lifetime ambitions were realised lately. I have no idea how this all came about. if I wasn’t an atheist, I’m sure I’d be bigging up some higher force, but I’m just a massive chancer—it’s a beautiful thing.

All this, plus good news regarding good friends with sons on the way…I can’t help but think this all levels out the vast quantities of negativity this blog pumps out.

Seriously, its got to be downhill from here. Someone will suss that I’m just winging it.

Seeing as zombies are back in a major way with ‘The Walking Dead’ being the best pilot since ‘The Shield’ commenced, I finally got round to watching the French splatterfest ‘The Horde’—it’s no classic, but it’s decent, in a fast-paced, utterly illogical way. Gallic horror still has a certain blood drenched aura that attracts me.

(Props to mayimbe181 at StrictlySupreme for the scan)