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You probably know who this actually is. Every now and again this guy makes an appearance in mock interview mode under his brother’s YouTube account — now he’s being confrontational with the mic while wearing a Winnipeg Jets shirt and a Yankees cap with ear warmers. Dropping jewels like, “My mum gave me the name Lil’ Pursesnatcher because I used to tap her purse all the time, you know what I mean?” Frank Tanana (sharing his name with the Detroit Tigers pitcher) is presenting his Skateboard TV segment and deflecting skater sincerity, mocking whiteboys who say they’re from Brownsville and acting a little intimidating at what looks like New York’s House of Vans. Half a decade after Norman Vename presented Brushstrokes, four years since he played Detective Ronald Hardtop and a couple of years after Shams de Baron gooned it out to break down the elements of hip-hop for that sporadically uploaded show and Dan Horan presented his current affairs segment Now and Dan, he’s back. Personally, I’d happily watch an hour of this sort of behaviour.

Apologies for the lack of updates here in the last couple of weeks — I’ve been busy with things I’ll tell you more about later.