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The Duffer project that caused a nostalgia wave at the close of 2013 with a Kickstarter campaign has finally emerged. Screened recently for some folks who were there, the feedback was good and ‘Style Brokers‘ is on Vimeo right now — uniting Barrie Sharpe, Marco Cairns and Eddie Prendergast, it does a good job of telling several stories in that sub ten-minute running time. The world that Duffer helped create is big business, so it’s important that pioneers aren’t lost in a scrum of chancers. This and Alex Turnbull’s ‘Rise of the Streets‘ documentary (currently in production) give some folks whose contributions are hard to sum up in single paragraphs in these “cool story bro” days of low attentions, the opportunity to speak. Duffer was an inspiration for Union and Union inspired…well, you can check Hypebeast right now for the last hour’s feed of apparel and footwear whose lineage is traceable back to what Duffer did. London is the city right now, but it’s always worth noting that it was always a city that created trends. That Duffer DUCCI tee is still a classic too. Salutes to Stroma Cairns and the team: you can watch the film right here.