T.M.I. blog post from June 2008.

The Bee Bee Cee came through nicely with a recent Brit b-movie retrospective – it was nice to find out that a Smiley The Ghetto Child track carried a sample from soul-selling psychedelic biker yarn Psychomania, but it seemed to praise the campy, but stop short of the visceral nastiness horror films from these shores managed to generate.

With an added dose of disturbance given from those fuzzy soundtracks, fonts to kill for, some performances so earnest and dead-eyed, they’re just chilling, and grand ideas (gnomes killing the lead singer of Dollar? Alien man pursuing a sapphic couple in the countryside for 80 minutes? Provincial Argento ripoffs?) these projects were given free murky atmosphere from the locations and weather alone.

Whether it’s Schizo, with the least PC tagline of all time, or Jack Palance inexplicably cropping up as a possessed antique dealer, for all the bloodshed, and hard-to-watch misogyny, and a retrospective look at the work of homegrown sleazemeisters like Norman J Warren would have been welcome. Don’t have nightmares.


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